Jessi Gold, Time's Up HealthcareDr. Jessi Gold is excited to announce her involvement with Time’s Up Healthcare, a non-profit organization that insists on safe, fair, and dignified work for women in healthcare. As a founder and steering committee member, Dr. Gold …

“Time’s Up is [about] everyone coming together in a vocal and visible way and saying this isn’t something we’re okay with anymore. We shouldn’t ever have been okay with it, but this isn’t something we’re going to keep doing,” says Dr. Gold, who is now a steering committee member.

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Dr. Gold is also pleased to be a member of the following committees furthering her goals to de-stigmatize mental health issues:

    • American Psychiatric Association (APA) Council on Communications – The council works to transform public attitudes toward psychiatry by establishing an emotional connection between the public and psychiatrists, and to establish psychiatrists as the physician specialists with the most knowledge, training, and experience in the field of mental health.
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    • Addiction Policy Forum – Addiction Policy Forum is a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating addiction as a major health problem.
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