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Psyched! a psychiatry blog

In our podcast, PSYCHED!, Dr. Jessi Gold, with her down-to-earth, empathic and, at times, sarcastic personality collaborates with her former co-resident, Dr. David Carreon, a 100%-nerd with a side of philosophy, to create the go-to-source for interviews on psychiatry and mental health topics. We hope to capture and communicate innovation in psychiatry, while having fun and learning ourselves.

In 15-45 minute conversations with experts, patients, and family members, we cover everything from the foundational to the cutting-edge, from the popular to the weird. Basically, we hope to be The Economist for psychiatry and luckily we get to partner with the Psychiatric Times to do it.  The podcast is aimed at everyone (even if you are not a psychiatrist!). We welcome ideas for podcasts or requests to be interviewed.

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