Dr. Jessi Gold holds the esteemed position of the first Chief Wellness Officer for the University of Tennessee System and serves as an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Internationally recognized, Dr. Gold is in high demand as a speaker, media advocate, author, and mental health consultant with a special focus on college students, healthcare workers, and the entertainment industry.

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It may help to think about moral injury in medicine as the difference between telling someone “We did all we could” and “We did all we could in a broken system without all the necessary resources.” We are all unwilling representatives of the system.
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No matter how many times I’ve had conversations about why it isn’t weak, a failure, or shameful to need medication for your mental health — and wholeheartedly believe every word I have said — it turns out it didn’t protect me from internalizing the same negative beliefs about taking psychiatric medication myself.
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It is completely normal to struggle with our mental health, to ask for help, and to get treatment when we need it. It’s about time we all say so out loud.
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Trauma has no timeline and that’s what we’re all experiencing, sustained and widespread trauma. When we finally have time to ask ourselves how we are feeling, the answer is likely going to be, not well. Read more.


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