Jessica (“Jessi”) Gold, MD, MS, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine, specializing in college mental health, medical education, and physician wellness. She writes regularly for the popular press about mental health, stigma, and medical training.

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Mental illness is certainly a problem in this country. But hate is not a mental illness. Neither is murder. Our patients, friends, and family members with mental illness deserve better than to be America’s scapegoat. Read more.

Time, August 2019

It can be hard to understand what therapy is targeting, or how it is doing so. It’s not as clear when it “works” or does not work, or if you are getting better after some amount of time. Therapy comes with a pretty strong sense of the unknown for a lot of people, and it can be uncomfortable to put your trust in a seemingly vague, non-linear process. Read more.

Self, December 2018

…if someone really needs help, getting help is a positive, brave, and important thing to do. We should never talk about mental-health treatment as something a person needs to be freed from. People get it for a reason, and completing treatment is just as important as starting it in the first place. Read more.

In Style, April 2019

It is possible that some of us believe violence is not preventable, or it comes with the territory of our work. We may also worry that by speaking of existing dangers or risks, we are hurting our patients, further stigmatizing them. […] Understanding risk and still showing up for work every day, hoping to help somebody else heal, is the core of my work as a psychiatrist. Read more.

Glamour, 2018

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