Jessica (“Jessi”) Gold, MD, MS, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine, specializing in college mental health, medical education, and physician wellness. She writes regularly for the popular press about mental health, stigma, and medical training.

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It was a joy to see the way in which Dr. Jessi Gold connects with her patients, and how they – even the more “formal” or “VIP” ones – respond to her tastefully playful, irreverent style.

Energetic, team-oriented, and unusually pragmatic, Dr. Jessi Gold recognizes the problems and limitations of our mental health care system and does not rest until she finds a workable solution.

Dr. Jessi Gold is genuine, intelligent, reliable, thoughtful, and collegial. She is very enthusiastic, an excellent team player, eager to learn, bright, and a compassionate physician.

Dr. Jessi Gold is an unstoppable force for good. She recognizes problems, devises solutions, and doesn’t rest until she’s made things better. She is a doctor for individual patients, and for systems as well.

Dr. Jessi Gold is dedicated, warm, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and fun to be around. She is able to quickly establish connections with patients of diverse backgrounds and staff of different disciplines.

I want to express my profound gratitude to Dr. Jessi Gold for helping my family navigate the pain and fear of our child’s mental illness. I took great comfort in our conversations and her genuine concern for my child.

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