Dr. Jessi Gold Discusses “Should You Quit Your Job” at the Women In Medicine Conference In Chicago, 2023

Dr. Jessi Gold is a sought-after international speaker known for her mix of personal storytelling and research to make mental health topics tangible and help people feel less alone.

She is available in person and virtually for panels, lectures, and conversations on a wide variety of mental health topics. Please reach out to discuss, or to request a customized topic.

Dr. Gold on the “Being A Positive Light” panel at the Rare Beauty Mental Health Summit, 2024

But, here are a few of her favorites:

  • Workplace mental health and burnout (adaptable to most workplaces, and has been discussed with everyone from the nonprofit sector to journalism, to entertainment to therapists)
  • Healthcare worker mental health, moral injury, and burnout
  • Taking care of others while taking care of ourselves
  • Using vulnerability and storytelling (including my own) to change culture and normalize help-seeking, particularly in healthcare
  • College student mental health more broadly and interventions for culture change and wellbeing on campuses
  • The impact of celebrity self-disclosure and popular media portrayals of mental health on mental health help-seeking and normalization
  • The impact of the pandemic on our mental health, especially in health-care workers
  • Social media and mental health, in particular, the impact on clinical practice and on college students
  • Tangible strategies for coping with the aftermath of the pandemic or other stressful events
  • Burnout in women
  • Using social media as a medical researcher or mental health advocacy
  • Reporting on mental health in journalism and suicide safety guidelines
  • Should you quit your job?

Keynote, Restoring Wellness, MedFluencers Event, 2023. Photo by: 4thFLR


Dr. Gold has spoken within multiple settings, including but not limited to academic centers, hospitals, industries, advocacy organizations, journalism, and entertainment. 

Some examples of previous engagements include: 

Panel With American Medical Association President Jesse Ehrenfeld, Restoring Wellness, MedFluencers Event, 2023. Photo by: 4thFLR